Microfount has been offering professional copy-editing and proofreading services since 1982. Based in the United Kingdom, we bring experience, knowledge, expertise and a track record of success to all our clients.

We provide a range of premium services tailored to both businesses and the individual. While one company may ask our copy-editors or proofreaders to proofread, or even write, their press releases or book chapters, another might require a copy-edit of their document or website. Writers, academics and publishers often come to us looking to increase the quality of their paper, thesis or book with a full copy-edit.  We can also correct your Je-S grant online or produce a magazine.

This is all provided at an affordable price with a quick turnaround. We welcome any request and can meet any deadline; email for a free quote. We also accept PayPal.

Our recent clients include Imperial College London, the educational and business publisher Kogan Page, Serbia's largest newspaper Blic, universities in China and several naval and arts charities.